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Who went on to be the the Dumont Cadets and finally merged with The Fairlawn Cadets. i playe first soprano. i was also in the competing boys color guard and did a 20 foot saber toss when I was only 12. My brother went on to Hawthorne Cabs .  They were great days.  mid sixties. iIthink Dumont beat Garfield once!! LOL

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I remember the Dumont Police Cadets very well--they were magnificent--a true testament to the the greatness that was New Jersey drum corps--I can remember being at parades and hearing them from blocks away, knowing that the high black boots and matching attitude were on their way--it was a great time to be growing up in the garden state--(oh, and I was fortunate enough to spend a summer on the Fair Lawn roster)--there are so many memories of those days--do you remember the July 4th parades in River Edge and Oradell--how the Cadets and the Cabs had to move en masse, staying in concert formation, half way back to the off the line? The field was too small to accommodate the whole show! Or the grit and humidity of Roosevelt stadium that night? And, without a doubt, the greatest of them all--Wildwood--when the boardwalk and rides were all populated by the myriad friends that accompanied our crazy little obsession?
I was in Dumont and Fairlawn from 1965- 1968.  I remember all   the events events you spoke about !!! Our bass player Tommy Richards ( we had no contra bass yet)  ALWAYS passed out in Roosevelt stadium. Wildwood was the Best!!
I was in Fair Lawn in 1965--closest I could get to the "big" guys with their no girls policies--but it was fun--a kind of fun only those who lived it can understand--and a kind of fun that would have put so many of us in a cell!! It was a wonderful way to grow up, with friends in every corner of the country--not to mention Canada--in those days your whole life was in drum corps--and it was quite a lilfe--

I was in the Dumont Police Cadets from 1958 until they merged with the Fairlawn Police Cadets.

Learned to play snare from Bobby Thompson. 

Great memories.

Tom Richards


I was in the Corps for 57 to 63.  Then the Army

I marched in BS from 1959-62,  Did you know Maureen Hogan?  What ever happened to her?


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